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A Refutation

Friday, November 12, 2004
To refute Adam's unfounded claims that I am a filcher when it comes to citing my comedic material, I give you this.

Adam was NOT singing the song, we were listening to a Nickle Creek song (I believe it was "This Side") that had in it the words that specifically reminded me of the song "Anything for Love" by Meatloaf, prompting me to tell a story I had read about Meatloaf's song and how no one ever knows what its about but that its supposedly about vampirism and the effects of a love-lorn vampire falling in love with hapless mortal (thus inciting the age old question "To Bite or Not To Bite the One You Love"). But the point is that Adam wasn't even singing the song in the first place, meaning that the concept in its entirety was mine and mine alone. I gave Adam both the facts and notion to go a do his own "independent research" which I am sure involved doing as little as googling the song for himself.

Thusly not only am I due credit for my comedic material, but I am also due an apology from Adam because of the half-hearted and disrespectful "accreditation" that I recieved from him. I live the ultimate decision in the hands of you, but if you would like to state your opinion to Adam, please IM him @: protectyourhead
Thank you for your time.

Daniel Howard Bathon III

p.s. This is the exact occasion for which I created this blog. I spent about 5 minutes typing this response only to discover that it was in fact 472 characters too large for my away message. At first I was despondent, but then I realized that I had this handy blog to post my refutation of the frivolous lies Adam posted on his away message. I am very happy right now as this blog has served its purpose already.

Sippin' on some syzzurp.

Saturday, November 06, 2004
I don't really have that much to say right now (startling, I know) except to state that last night I had what was easily the best gin and tonic ever mixed. Sweet, yet tart. Strong, yet smooth. The feeling it gave me can only be rougly approximated by clicking here. It also loosened me up sufficiently so that I actually semi-enjoyed/didn't-kill-myself during the performance by "Jada: Boston's Hottest New R&B Act" who were so laughably 1996 that I almost yelled "Hey, Dream* called, they want their career back." Oh, and also they sucked.

* except they weren't nearly as hot as Dream.

First Post Ever

Friday, November 05, 2004
OK, so lets get this straight. This blogging thing is taking the world by storm. Its trendy, its hot, everyone is doing it. So thusly, I hate it. I am not going to post some artsy/weepy picture of myself and have some ridiculous title like "crying alone in the dark cold winters night" or "hold your hand forever in hades" or some other angst ridden garbage that I see as the title of many blogs.
So for a year or so now I have avoided even learning about blogging sites (such as this one). However, over the past few years I have spent inordinate amounts of my precious time drafting and editing away messages for the pleasure of those who have my screen name on their buddylists. I have always enjoyed the comments that I recieve as the result of the various witticisms and quips that I unleash upon the AIM world at large, but mostly those responses from the weak-minded and imbecilic individuals that make up the bulk of those group of peoples I call my friends.
Lately though, AIM just isn't cutting. My rants have become extensively verbose and require a lot more room than the small amount of character space that AIM provides. Which leads us here. This "blog", or whatever, is a venue for me to extend my away message capabilities. I want more space, more color, more fonts, and more "in-your-face" action. I want to be able to reach whole new heights of pissing people the world over off with my nonsensical ravings. And thusly I capitulated to my inner lemming(remember Lemmings?!? what a great game.) and decided to jump on the bandwagon.
Just to retiterate: You will not find me sharing my deepest inmost secrets here on this website. This is not intended to be some sort of outlet for my inner emotions. Most of what I will put on this site will be intended either as casual banter or intellectual humor, or simply puerile and asinine attempts to entertain you. Some of it will make you angry, which I apologize in advance for (insincerely of course). Though generally if I choose to say something that will possibly make someone mad, that was probably its intended effect in the first place. Feel free to respond to my posts with comments and questions that I will be sure to respond only if you are cool enough, and delete all the other ones. That is all, thank you and goodnight.

~ Daniel Howard Bathon the III (The Deotch)