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Time (not) well spent. Or: Time well spent (not).

OK so obviously Life of Randy looks a little different. This is because the last template was designed by someone with all the HTML scripting skills of a tennis shoe (incidentaly, tennis shoes are known as the "idiot of shoes" amongst shoes, while the smartest shoes are, obviously, velcro sandals with white socks). That being said, it will probably change alot in the days ahead as I figure out a new hosting solution for the images I want on the site.

Things I must also fix:
1.) Getting the comments to show
- getting comment authors names to show
- getting the site to not require you to register to leave a comment
2.) Edit the OLD Life of Randy marquee to fit the NEW Life of Randy's division dimensions
3.) Getting Blogger.com to let me use my own titles for my posts instead of just times and dates, which miraculously I figured out how to do last time but since then I have, of course, forgotten.
4.) Get a girlfriend and/or life so that I don't need to keep making this site better for you people, who could care less anyways (self-loathing/self-degradation; the sure-fire way to keep the audience entertained...just ask Conan O'brien)

Ok so thats it for now. Clearly this is consuming far too much of my time, but since I drank 4 Mountain Dews earlier at work, time is all I have tonight since sleep will not be on the agenda. And just to make things PERFECTLY clear, I know the picture I am using currently is stupid. You don't NEED to tell me that. I know it comes off as emo-ish, and thusly annoying. But it was the only picture in all of the world wide web that I could find in 5 minutes that would fit the frame I had written for the original image. So don't think this will begin to be like all those idiots on MySpace who take planned "candids" of themselves in thick-framed emo glasses to let you know how much of an individual they are. BAH!
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