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Things I don't like.

Friday, February 11, 2005
This list is not by no means comprehensive, but it will give you a fairly good idea of the things that miff me, piss me off, get me stoked, annoy me and generally cause me some form of psychological distress.
1.) black people.
2.) just kidding, you bunch of presumptive idiots.
3.) Paris Hilton
4.) Super Milk Chan
5.) guys who like Maroon 5
6.) short haircuts on girls
7.) feeling lonely
8.) Steve Schnell (see #7)
9.) guys who like Maroon 5 just cause girls do
10.) girls who go for guys who like Maroon 5
11.) Trendy Liberals: Meaning those who believe whatever Jon Stewart or Michael Moore and other smut peddlers have to say.
12.) Dumb Conservatives
13.) self-help books
14.) Dr. Phil
15.) Ja Rule
16.) urban sprawl
17.) Sean (see #11...just kidding)
18.) Napolean Dynamite; It just wasn't that funny
19.) Bandwagon Red Sox fans
20.) Sports commentators who draw parrallels between Eagles fans and Red Sox fans. Our championship drought was twice as OLD as the Superbowl, get back to me 45 years or so, then you'll know what its like
21.) Braves fans
22.) bad tequila
23.) girls who like Paul Gallois
24.) pigeons
25.) Emo kids...though scene is hot
26.) Long Islanders ("growing up gotti" kinda kids, loose the chain and the fake tan you fag)
27.) Arab apologists
28.) people who don't know what they are talking about
29.) Sierra Nevada...ugh
30.) Georgia Tech and all who go there
31.) the NBA
32.) Wannabe Thugs
33.) fake @$$ OG's
34.) Friends (the TV show, but even still, I don't like a lot of you)
35.) Montreal
36.) Astrology
37.) disingenuousness (its a word, look it up)
38.) people who don't read because it wasn't cool in high school
39.) South Carolina
40.) bad shellfish
41.) anyone who looked up "disingenuousness" to see if I was right
42.) the homeless Thai man outside of Store 24 (I can see the paint you inhaled all around your mouth, and no I will not give you a dollar so you can go buy more white spray paint. You also don't have a computer and will never read this, so who looks like the idiot NOW?)
43.) Kevin Costner
44.) not being able to sleep in my own bed
45.) daytime television
46.) girls who act like the world owes them
47.) guys who treat girls like crap and still have girlfriends
48.) iTunes (AAC file format sucks)
49.) Jar Jar Binks