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Blogging is Stupid (Things That Annoy Me #2)

Seriously though, like, whats the point. I am never going to actually tell any of you what is going in my life on a heart-to-heart level, that would be ridiculous. I've read blogs where girls talk about boys that they currently like as if she is sharing a secret confidence with some other giggling pre-pubescent moron as they sit in their nighties and play "Mall Madness". I mean its ridiculous! No, this venue will be used solely for entertainment purposes, and maybe everyonce in a while for a little venting of negative energy (as you are currently observing). In that same spirit, it has come to my attention that one of my "best" posts ever (and I say "best" because it can only be used when considering the rest of my posts, which are either mind-numbingly inane or just plain boring) was my "Things That Annoy Me" post. So in consideration of that fact, I will now give another list. Again, this is by no means comprehensive or limiting, it is just a small list, even a fraction of the greater number of things that annoy me.

1.) Black people
2.) You fall for it everytime, I'm going to keep doing it until you catch on.
3.) People who have enough space-time on their hands to spend it writing me emails about how I should write my blog to better take up more of their useless lives. Bravo losers.
4.) Guido's. I mean like New Jersey kinda people. I know I touched on this in my last post, but I specifically focusing on the Italian Americans in those groups. You classless bunch of degenerates, get jobs that are not in roast beef joints, stop sowing your wild oats at every trance and techno club you come across and start contributing to the greater good. Either that or kill yourselves.
5.) Already the trend of this list is to have a high level of hostility. This is a good thing.
6.) People who were confused by #5 and said to themselves "Wait, how can that be annoying? That doesn't even make sense!"
7.) Britney Spears
8.) Steve Schnell (still.)
9.) Track-ball mice
10.) Badly made chopsticks that slide off each other...apparently the chinese have not completely mastered the concept of "friction".
11.) People with ridiculous last names that then get offended when you mispronounce their ridiculous last name. Change your name, Ellis Island did it to everyone that came here with a stupid name. We don't speak Swahili or Thai here, we speak English.
12.) Linkin Park
13.) Jay-Z doing an album with Linkin Park and thusly giving all morons who like Linkin Park a reason to say "see, their makin' it big!"
14.) Nickleback
15.) appointment books that I keep accumulating because people think that somehow, after 22 years of life, I haven't figured out how to use one or that I must not know about them or I would keep better track of time and so thusly I must receive one from them so I can imitate them in their extreme punctuality.
16.) People who shook their heads at that last comment and said "he needs to be more punctual."
17.) Cyclists on Mass. Ave.
18.) Anyone who got offended at #11
19.) Guys in Boston who are gay for the sake of being gay. Great, your gay, I don't need to be able to tell from 3 miles away.
20.) Homophobia (yeah, thats right, it annoys me)
21.) Heterophobia (it exists and it annoys also annoys)
22.) Lumberjacks
23.) MySpace...fake-scenesters unite!
24.) Mike Lenahen when he calls me at 10PM looking for someone to pick him up from the airport at 12AM
25.) Emily Bohnhoff
26.) Just kidding...(not really)
27.) Women who don't have goals or vision for themselves or their lives beyond getting married and having someone else's children...actually it depresses me more then it annoys me...*sigh*
28.) When I get way too deep and analytical on a list of things that annoy me...won't happen again.
29.) When my car heats up on sunny days and then CD player won't work until I jack up the air-conditioning to the "Penguin Nipples" setting and let the laser assembly cool down. Who designed the stupid thing so that it would heat up in the sun anyways, its in the friggin' dashboard!
30.) The skeptics who choose to believe that my car does not have a "Penguin Nipples" setting on its air conditioner. It also has "Absolute Zero" and "Eskimo ***".
31.) When I stay up way too late working on my websites and start to see the sun come up (Dang it!)
32.) Knocking over my CD case everytime I push my chair out to get up from my desk because I don't have any more space in my room and I keep putting it their because I am useless.
33.) Carson Daly (throwback!)
34.) Refined sugar! I am addicted to you!
35.) Tight-wads
36.) Harvard Business School students - you are not god's gift to the economy, and to everyone besides Boston Magazine and Architecture Today, your dorms suck and look like they were built in 1977 instead of last year.
37.) craigslist
38.) Nicole Kidman
39.) So many people who don't get Will Ferrell like I do pretending to like him because its trendy.
40.) Lanyards (MARKS!)
41.) In that same vein of thought, Rhode Island

Thats about all I got for now. I was gonna think of a witty ending to this post until I decided that none of you were worth me putting anymore energy into this. I would say goodnight except I hate all you. Goodnight...wait...son of a beesting.
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7:18 PM, June 29, 2005

hey, tell me what we do that annoys you.



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