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Fourth of July Weekend: Ridizzniculous

So this has already been a crazy weekend, and it is only getting crazier. Between being involved in an international money trafficking scheme, to being in My Best Friend's wedding (yes, I am in a movie with jennifer lopez. She calls me "D-Ho" for short. We're down like that), what a weird weekend. I also saw Lara and Bill's wedding, which was awesome. No don't get me wrong, I love Lara and I love Bill, he takes care of her and is just a good all around guy, super heartsy. But as of this juncture the girls I took to my Junior AND Senior prom are now both married. One has a child. So I'm a little sketched out, I feel like I'm a little "behind the curve". Luckily Anna always has a way of making me feel better (observe):

But anyways, this is going to be a crazy week. A small sampling of my schedule:

Morning - Packing, cleaning my room/car.
4:00 - David and Kristin's wedding
6:00 - Reception
Tonight/Morning - Hanging out in Newport, RI.

8:00AM - Fly to Denver, CO
10:44AM(MST) - Pick up rental car
Afternoon - Find Clint and Christie wherever they are somewhere in the state of CO.
Night - enjoy Fourth of July celebration with people I don't know

9:00AM - Tour of U. of Denver
10:00 - Interview @ UD
11:30 - Meeting with LEP Coordinator at UD
Afternoon/Night - Hang out in Boulder

9:00AM - 2:00PM - Fly to Philly, PA; Drive to Ocean City, NJ
5:00PM - Dinner with White family (mother's side...I know, its perfect, their name is "White")

All Day - Hang out at the beach trying to avoid dirty guido's (note: this is impossible anywhere on the Jersey Shore, but a man can try.)

10:00AM - Fly to South Bend, IN
Afternoon/Night - Enjoy times spent with my favorite side of the family...The Bathon's. Holla.

All Day - Emily's wedding.
Also All Day - Be weirded out that EVERYONE my age is getting married. But still be happy for people that are getting married, regardless of personal opinions on the issue.

6:00AM - Fly to ATL (sho'ty)
9:30 - Get picked up Bryan. Crunkness in GA begins.

I'm gonna be working at The Swamp for two weeks, a camp down in Union Point, GA. Everyone should write me letters at:

The Swamp
Attn: D.H. Bathon
1380 Maxeys Road
Union Point, GA 30669

Anyways, what a crazy July. I gotta go and pack for the flight tomorrow, and I have to deal with this whole "Scam from Nigeria" thing (a long story for a different time). I won't be able to update for a while probably, but I will make sure to update when I am in GA. Peace, see you in August.

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