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Greatest. Counterstrike Player. Ever.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005
I don't know how I did it. I don't know why I did it. Heck, I am in such a stupor that I can't really even tell you WHEN I did it. But I did do it. And by "it" I mean that I single-handedly rushed and eradicated the entire terrorist team as a counter-terrorist in CS:Source. For those of you that play the game, you understand the kind of magnimonious thing it is to accomplish such a feat on your own. For the hateraters, observe:

The more discerning amongst you will notice that 1.) I am a huge dork, and that 2.) I eliminated all of them in a row, it was probably the most amazing string of headshots ever. Of course you can see only 2 AK's in this picture, and my luck was undoubtedly at least partially due to the fact that a majority of my enemies were armed with mac-10's and other assorted "spray and pray" weaponry, but I feel as though this does nothing to diminish the magnificence of my CounterStrike abilities. Feel free to send me e-mails concerning undying love and excessive adulation to bathond@gmail.com.

Thank you that is all.

All-American Family...no seriously.

Friday, August 05, 2005
My family is so white. I love us. Unlike my feelings towards you (the reader), which generally falls somewhere between subtle repulsion to murderous malevolence (+5 points for alliteration).
No but seriously, this picture was taken in South Bend, IN during my cousins wedding at her local catholic parish. Notice the colored crosses on the confessional. I wonder if green means your good to go, and if red means the floor just opens up beneath you to send you straight to hell. Either way, the whole "cross/crucifiction" motif that these catholics favor is really quite nice. Very "fire and brimstone" if you ask me. Quaint, yet terrifying, in its own way.

Anyways, thats all for today. Sam's wedding rehersal is tomorrow (today?), so you'll be sure to get some great updates about that in the coming days. Stay tuned. Or go back to doing whatever you were doing before you got distracted by my site. Either way, you'll be back.

After a month...I have returned from whence I came

Thursday, August 04, 2005
Oh my how so many things can happen in a month.

A short list:
- I got into the University of Puget Sound.
- I got offered a full time position as head boys counselour at The Swamp for next year
- A girl asked me out...twice (holla).
- I almost got mugged in Tacoma, WA. By a woman.
- My cousin got married (the first Bathon to go!).
- I went to Denver, Southbend, Ocean City and Seattle and less excitingly (though no less stressfully) Lynn, MA.
- A flight attendent (or more appropriately, a "sexy stew(ardess)") hit on me in an airplane. This is a true story. Fortunately for you all (and me), despite this I am still not a member of the Mile High Club.
- As it turns out, Rafael Palmeiro is in fact taking TWO performance enhancing drugs (if you know why this is funny, you rule).
- I decided that I am moving back to Georgia.

So clearly its been a long and strange journey. Not that any of you care. In fact most of you have probably been checking this website with the intent of seeing if I had died and if there was announcement about an estate auction (your all after my comicbook collection, I just know it), but regardless, I feel I must impart some of it to you. Basically I had a long time to think when I visited Seattle, and I decided that life wasn't going in the direction I had originally planned back in May (which in "D.H. Time" is light years ago).
So yeah, Georgia bound I am. Which is nice, back to the land of pulled pork, stank-hot weather and over-tanned sorority girls pretending like they are athletic at Ramsey when in reality they just have eating disorders...no just kidding, there are lots of other great things in Georgia...like Wafflehouse...or The Drive By Truckers (who I guess technically are from Alabama, but they are in Athens all the time)..or Rt. 316 (while its still free).
But yeah, I'll be headed there sometime next week, so long Boston, its been fun, I will return to you someday, of this you can be sure.

Now here are a few pictures of my journeys in the last few weeks:

This is a spot in Point Defiance National Park in Tacoma, WA. I decided here that I would not be coming to WA for school.

the National Headquarters of Oh Boy Oberto! brand beef jerky. I imagined it might be have a bit more pomp and grandeur to it, but apparently the Beef Jerky segment of the market is not as lucrative as we all thought.

Building a block fort with some kids at camp. Make no mistake, I did everything cool about this fort, but the kids managed to take all the credit for it. But you can see in my self-satisfied half-smile that I know who did the REAL work.

In the spirit of creating useless posters to absolutely cover the dining hall, Roy (Boy Toy), Alex and I created this masterpiece. I am responsible for the explosion behind the hand. Rock On.