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G.I. John

Tuesday, October 11, 2005
I don't really care what your position on American troops being overseas or what you think about the "war" in Iraq, I really don't. Don't bother emailing me about it because A.) I know more about international geo-political affairs than you do, and especially more than your sophomore year Sociology teacher (don't even get me started on your parents, your mom is an lush and an idiot and your dad votes Republican because he represses his homosexual tendencies*), and B.) You're a stupid hippy who through some strange need for self-immolation must denigrate, debauch and besmirch the very institutions of the country that allows you to think like an idiot (hey, in some places your not allowed to think like an idiot. You are either allowed to think just like some guy with a crazy hair-cut and a military uniform styled circa 1966, or conversely, you are allowed to die) and finally C.) You receive most of your political/rhetorical ammunition from a satirical news show hosted by a man so consumed with his own aggrandized perception of his intellectual witticisms that it makes me want to stab myself in the gut.

And here is the reason I don't care: Because my friend John Kenney is one bad gunslinger. And thats all I have to say. Whatever kind of opinion of U.S. foreign policy you have, eat it, because you and I have nothing to say to this man. He has been in the belly of the beast, through the fire of war and come out the other side. He has seen, done and heard that which you and I can only learn about in classrooms and watch on HDTV at our rich uncle's house. He may not even agree with the reasons he is there, but he for sure doesn't need your smarmy, self-awarded standard of moral superiority. So without further ado, John Kenney (2nd from right, tan Red Sox hat):All kidding aside, I respect John a lot. I am glad he is over there doing what he made a commitment to do, and not only is he "merely" doing it, but he is doing it well. Regardless of personal opinion or political ideology, John makes his friends proud. Stay safe John, and be careful.

* don't ask how I know this...

More Camera Phone Phun!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005
This image captures the splat on Caylin's windshield after we hit a bug the size of the Hindenberg. Unbelievable...
Caylin, D.H. and black man on MARTA.
Caylin doing her best to intimidate the camera. I just look like an idiot.
Alaina, Caylin's sister. This is the only picture I got from our entire weekend from up north. Ironically it was not taken by me and neither is it a picture of anything in the north, but of a southerner temporarily living in the north. *sigh* You'll all just have to imagine what a cool weekend it was.
My "grill." (I'm attempting to reach out to the black community)
Revenge. For what I dunno, but for some reason I recall taking this picture out of spite. The ball is in your court Ms. Whitworth. Retaliate as you will.
Jameson "Intense Gaze" Malcolm
Until next time!