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Caylin and her nosejob.

Just kidding. She didn't have a nose job (hence the lack of bruising or scarring, as well as the absent insecurity and vanity).

She DID however look like a moron for a week or so, and it was captured on film with the magic of camera phones. Oh camera phones, what ever did we do before you were invented by an asian person?

Here are a few entertaining shots:and of course...

WHAT A HOTTIE. No but seriously my girlfriend is mad cute dun, you wish you had one just like her. But you won't. Ever.

Classes start tomorrow, so naturally I am staying up until 2:30AM to get a fresh start on the week. What a lame spring break, I will say that.

Here is a short list of sheisty things that happened to me this last week:
1.) You all know what it was and you all know why I am mad (this will remain cryptic to protect the innocent/morons).
2.) My wallet got stolen. Most likely by a minority...jk
3.) The trip to Kentucky that I was really excited about got cancelled.
4.) My sewage pump failed and raw sewage forced its way through the downstairs toilet, filling the hallway and part of the kitchen before leaking outside into the yard (true story).
5.) I over-drew my bank account.
6.) The rear-left wheel bearing on my car blew.
7.) I killed Bambi's mother.

That last one is simply a euphemistic device to enunciate the overwhelming crappiness of this week. And now I get to wake up and go to Ancient Literature and read "Uruk of the Walls" or some other irrelevant crap. I envy all of you that have real lives and jobs.

Wait a second, no I don't...I have class at 11AM tomorrow and you have to be at the office by 8AM to do photocopies for Barbara in marketing. HA!! And no matter HOW crappy last week was, it was all during spring break, which will always be infinitely better than Wacky Tie Friday's. My life rules. And I have a hot girlfriend (see above).
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2:13 PM, March 29, 2006

I think you should get a nose job D.H.    

9:17 AM, March 30, 2006

Did you get a nose job yet?    

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